Fermentis Life Sciences is a leading manufacturer and one stop solution for all nutrition, health and sports products. We strictly adhere to quality standards, efficient research and development.

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Sector-8, IMT Manesar, Gurugram,
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Plot No. 41, Sector-8, Gurugram, Haryana
Plot No. 48, Sector-8, Gurugram, Haryana

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Our staff is committed to helping you scale your supplement manufacturing business in the most effective way possible. We use the most innovative and best production procedures to make all of the varied dosage forms. In addition, we adhere to all industry standards when producing any product.

Tablet Manufacturing

We execute everything under the supervision of professionals and with advanced machinery, from sourcing each ingredient in your formula through post-tablet compression inspection. Then, according to the client’s preferences, we can prepare these using any process, including dry granulation, wet granulation, or direct compression. We also deal in several types of tablets, such as compressed tablets, effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, and fast melt tablets.

Capsule Manufacturing

We are capable of manufacturing any nutraceutical capsule formula. We handle everything from sourcing each ingredient in your formula through post-encapsulation inspection at the most competitive costs and with the shortest lead times. There are two types of capsule shells that we produce: gelatin and vegetarian. For capsule production, we typically employ a dry granulation process.

Powder Manufacturing

We handle everything from obtaining each ingredient in your formula to post-filling inspection. We can assist you in creating any powder formula. We mostly use Free Flowing Mixtures, Cohesive Mixtures, and Ordered Mixtures for powder manufacture. Fermentis offers a wide range of powder forms, including vegan-friendly, soy-based, pea-based, and other options.

Softgel Manufacturing

Preparing gelatin, preparing the fill, beginning encapsulating the fill, and finishing touches on filled softgels are the four key stages of our softgel capsule production process. Softgels containing nutritional formulas are our specialty. Softgels are often used to provide fish oil, but they can also contain a variety of additional nutrients.

Gummy Vitamins Manufacturing

When it comes to making gummy vitamins, it’s easy to see how much more difficult the procedure can be compared to other types of vitamin production. Gummy vitamins should be chewy, pleasant, and still contain all necessary nutrients. These variables can be difficult to regulate, but once the process is completed, the result can be replicated repeatedly.

Liquid Capsule Manufacturing

Our goal is to make the liquid capsule manufacturing process as quick and straightforward as feasible for you. Making liquid capsules is nearly comparable to making regular capsules. Liquid Hard Shell Capsules can be made with various features, including dual-action blends and timed release components, among others.