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Gummy Vitamin Manufacturers

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing
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Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

Custom Nutraceutical Gummy Vitamin Manufacturers

The popular gummy formulas from FLS are designed to meet your customers’ nutritional supplement needs.


To make a blend, ingredients are sourced and mixed together. After blending the ingredients, the liquid is cooked until it thickens into a ``slurry.


The moulds are prepared to be resistant to sticking before the slurry is poured.

Unmolding and cooling

After pouring the gummy vitamins into the mould, it is cooled to 65 degrees and left to form and cool for 26 hours. After the gummies have been removed & dried

Filling Bottles/Bags

Once you've made all of your vitamin gummies, place them in the bottle or bag of your choice. We have a variety of packaging options for your gummy vitamins.

Dedicated To Quality Custom Manufacturing

We choose high-quality ingredients for your formula and must do post-encapsulation inspection. All is done at the most affordable costs. We have experts to assist you in developing a new product for your target market or discussing how to scale your manufacturing properly. It is our responsibility as your partner to ensure long-term success.

The Production of Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins should be chewy, tasty, and still contain all of the necessary nutrients. These variables can be difficult to control, but once the process is completed, the result can be replicated over and over again.

Blending the Gummy Formula

The first step in making a gummy vitamin is to blend and mix all of the ingredients together. Not only with the nutritional value of the ingredients, but also with additives like colouring and flavouring agents. This mixture will be thoroughly mixed before going through the cooking process. The mixture will be cooked until it reaches the desired thickness, creating a “slurry.

Molding and Cooling

After that, the slurry will be poured into a mould. The mould can be any shape, but bears are the most common. To prevent the slurry from sticking to the moulds, corn starch is applied before pouring the slurry. Now that the slurry is in the moulds, they are heated to 65 degrees and left to sit for about 24 hours.

Waxing and Oiling

Remove the gummies from the moulds and place them in a drum tumbler. A food-grade oil or wax is also added to the tumbler to keep the gummies soft and fresh. Now it’s time to package and ship the gummies.

Bottling and Labelling

We distribute the gummy vitamins into their packaging once they’ve reached their final form. Each bottle / bag will contain a different number of gummies, depending on your product. We complete the gummy vitamin manufacturing process by placing the gummies inside the packaging, applying the label, and sealing the package.

Gummy Vitamins That Are Good For You

Gummy vitamins can also be made vegan, or vegetarian, as well as sugar- and allergen-free. It depends on the type of gelatin used to make the gummy. Pectin is a common ingredient in vegan gelatin. Pectin comes from plants and is commonly used in jellies and jams. Even with the pectin, the gummy vitamins will turn out colourful and tasty.

FLS Wants to Be Your Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer

It can be difficult to contact the best gummy vitamin manufacturer and maintain healthy communication. We pose as a marketing tool if you work with us because we are one of the gummy manufacturers in India. You can use the fact that it is manufactured in India as a strong marketing point on your label. Not only that, but we can consistently supply bulk gummy vitamins.

Get The Manufacturing Cost Estimate

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