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Collagen Manufacturers

Collagen Manufacturing
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Collagen Manufacturing

Custom Collagen Manufacturer

Being your Supplement Manufacturing Partners, FLS is committed to helping you scale your supplement manufacturing business in the most effective way possible


To achieve and ensure an even distribution of ingredients in each bottle, your powder mixture is first blended.

Filling Bottles/Bags

Afterwards, the mixture is placed in the preferred bottle or bag. We also have some fantastic packaging options for your collagen supplement.

Inspection and Polishing

Each powder bottle is polished to remove any extra powder for a professional appearance and triple-inspected for flaws.


We do a variety of post-inspection tests, including identity, micro, potency, and heavy metal testing to assure pharmaceutical grade quality.

Our Capabilities

FLS is a well-known maker of high-quality Collagen Peptide. We do it all, from obtaining different types of collagen for your formula through post-filling inspection, at the greatest costs and with the shortest lead times. We have the expertise to assist you in developing a new product for your target market or discussing how to scale your manufacturing properly.

Collagen Production

Manufacturers must go through various procedures while processing hydrolyzed collagen. Demineralization is the first phase, followed by collagen extraction and gelatinization. The gelatine is then hydrolyzed by enzymatic hydrolysis, yielding hydrolyzed collagen.

After obtaining hydrolyzed collagen, the manufacturer must filter, sterilise, and dry it before it can be utilised in supplements, bringing the collagen manufacturing process to a close.

Customize Your Collagen

When it comes to making your own private label collagen supplement, we encourage you to be creative! You have the opportunity to incorporate whatever ingredient you wish to complement the collagen when creating a unique mix.
Unique supplement combinations allow you to be a pioneer in the business by inventing a novel concept.

Collagen Type II Sourcing

Collagen type 2 is generated from the cartilage of the chicken sternum. Because this type of collagen is created differently than the others, including it in your own white label supplement might help your product stand apart.

Collagen Type I Sourcing

Collagen I is generally made up of fish skin and scales, largely from wild-caught Pacific Red Snapper. Marine collagen is most widely employed in the cosmetic sector because of its unique properties. SMP Nutra offers a ready-to-private-label instantized, odourless, and flavourless form.

Collagen Type V & X Sourcing

Collagen types V and X are derived from chicken eggshells and provide significant benefits above other collagen types. When compared to other types of collagen, type V and X collagen offers distinct advantages. Type V collagen aids in the creation of cell membranes and tissue in women’s placentas, while type X collagen is essential for bone production.

Proudly Made In India

FLS is delighted to say that all of its goods are made in India. We import the best hydrolyzed collagen and prepare it according to your specifications. We can assist you in manufacturing your private label collagen peptides; with our assistance, your collagen peptides will be a one-of-a-kind and high-quality product.

Our Stock Private Label Collagen

Enriched with Biotin, Curcuminoids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, 16 Vital Amino Acids
Zero Added Sugar, Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Keto-Friendly, and Paleo-Friendly


  • Women’s Nutrition for Skin, Hair, Nails, Joints and Bones
  • Daily Beauty Elixir formulated with Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
  • All-in-one premium Marine Collagen (Type 1, and 3)
  • Hydrolyzed collagen powder for better absorption

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