Fermentis Life Sciences is a leading manufacturer and one stop solution for all nutrition, health and sports products. We strictly adhere to quality standards, efficient research and development.

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8802036156 , 9899821966 , 9289609970



Q1. What is the minimum order quantity for your company? The minimum order quantity for:

Custom stock products –  1,500 bottles.

Custom liquids  – 2,500 and 5,000 bottles (depending on complexity of formula).

Custom capsules or tablets – 60ct 2,500 bottles 150,000 pieces ex 60ct.

Custom gummy  – 500K-1 million pieces (depending on formula complexity).

Custom softgels  –  300,000 pieces (ex 60ct 5,000 bottles).

Custom flavoured powder – 1000kg or 2,500 bottles.

Q2. Is it possible to ship internationally?

International logistics are not handled by FLS right now. We are experts in international compliance and can provide all necessary documentation for import/export to you and your freight forwarder. The goods would be picked up from our warehouse and delivered anywhere in the world by the freight forwarder.

Q3. How do you go about testing?

FLS product testing and quality control processes are rigorous and formulaic, from raw materials to finished products. Throughout the production and packing process, materials are checked and verified multiple times. Our testing procedures are compliant with FDA / cGMP guidelines. For more information, go here.

Q4. What kinds of packaging do you have available?

We primarily work with HDPE and PET bottles, which come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Additionally, we are capable of working with glass containers and gusset bags. We can also accept customer-supplied packaging, but we’d need to see a sample first to ensure it fits on our bottling line.

Q5. What is your lead time?

For gummies, capsules, softgels, liquids, powders, and tablets, our standard lead time for a new customer is 2-4 weeks from label receipt, and for a reorder, it’s 4-6 weeks total based on labels being in house. To speed up reorders and get a better label price, we advise our clients to order twice as many labels on the first run. Packaging will not begin until the labels have been printed and received.

Q6. For the 1,500-bottle minimum, can I get 100 bottles of 15 different products?

Our high-speed equipment is currently set to produce a minimum of 1,000 bottles per sku of each product.

Q7. Is it possible to ship your gummies to warmer climates without them melting?

Yes. All FLS gummies are made of pectin, which can withstand any temperature. However, they should be shipped in temperature-controlled containers at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q8. Do you provide fulfilment services?

You’ll need a well-organized and dependable facility to store and ship your private label supplement when it’s flying off the shelves. We have a large, state-of-the-art warehouse where your products can be stored. We pick, pack, and ship all of your orders from here, big and small. We provide advanced software to help you keep track of inventory and provide you with vital statistics that can help you in a variety of ways.

Q9. Could you please send me some samples?

Yes! Samples can be ordered directly from the FLS website. We are unable to organise and send free samples due to the volume of inquiries we receive. Each of our in-stock items includes the option to order samples of your choice.

Q10. Are you able to assist us with Amazon compliance?

FLS can provide you with all of the documents you’ll need to get your Amazon Seller’s account up and running. Amazon compliance, marketing, formulation, and development are all areas in which we excel. For all of our clients’ needs, we have a contract with an ISO Certified lab. Requests for Letters of Guarantee and Certificates of Authority are usually handled within 1-2 business days.