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Capsule Manufacturers

Capsule Manufacturing
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Custom Capsule Manufacturing

Custom Nutraceutical Capsule Manufacturers

Deliver a range of chemically stable and inert capsules in different varieties of colours


Selected formula is mixed well to achieve a uniform distribution of ingredients.


We offer gelatin, hypromellose, and pullulan capsule shells for encapsulation.

Inspection and polishing

Every capsule is polished of any extra powder and triple scrutinised for any faults.


We do potency, micro, and heavy metal testing and post-inspection of ready capsules.

Dedicated To Quality Custom Manufacturing

From providing high-quality ingredients to the post-encapsulation inspection, we handle it all. We have tech professionals who can help you build the capsule manufacturing you want for your intended market. We work with both quality and quantity.


Capsules come second to compressed tablets in drug delivery. The capsule provides a tasteless, odourless delivery mechanism with improved absorption because the drug is contained within the capsule shell.

Granulation Process

Bulky to low bulk density ingredients may require granulation before capsule filling. Granulation enhances flowability and can lessen the tendency of tiny particles to agglomerate or stick to metal surfaces. It is commonly used to increase the bulk of powders for encapsulation.

Wet Granulation Blending Method

Wet granulation allows for the addition of a liquid phase in which a low-dose medicine can be dissolved and dispersed uniformly throughout the bulk. Any future segregation of the low dose activity is avoided once it has been fixed into granules.

Dry Granulation Tablet Manufacturing Process

When active components are susceptible to heat and/or aqueous binder solution, formulations can be dry granulated by slugging or roller compaction, albeit this method does not allow the medicine to be added to the solution.

Encapsulation Process

Encapsulation is a process of the formation of a continuous thin covering surrounding solid particles or liquid droplets that are completely enclosed within the capsule wall. The two-piece encapsulation method is used for hard capsules. Manual, semi-automated, and automatic capsule filling devices can all be used in the encapsulation process.

Gelatin Capsule

Gelatin is a tasteless, gluten-free, and GMO-free protein.

It provides a safe oral dose form that gives the consumer a pleasant experience. Gelatin also allows for a wide range of release profiles, from enteric (slow) to rapid release of the active fill, allowing manufacturers to accommodate a wide range of fills while still satisfying customer demands.

Hypromellose Capsules

Hypromellose is a cellulose polymer created chemically..

It is deemed safe for normal human consumption, and because of its vegetarian origins, it is frequently substituted for gelatin. These capsules were created to not only endure temperature fluctuations but also to meet dietary criteria for pharmaceutical items and dietary supplements.

Pullulan Capsules

Pullulan is a natural vegetable capsule that is 100 percent edible, odourless, and has no discernible taste.

This is appropriate for nutraceuticals such as plant extracts, antioxidants, and pharmaceutical active components that are sensitive. The encapsulated compounds are better protected, and the capsules’ shelf life is extended.

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