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Curcumin – The Wonder Herb

Long before it was discovered and identified by the medical sciences in 1842, Curcumin has been in use as a potent herb for various purposes in the traditional medicinal system of India, ayurveda. Known traditionally in India as Haldi, Curcumin has a vast and astounding range of healing benefits for the mind as well as the body. Having powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogenic abilities, the Indian traditional spice Curcuma Longa is a popular Indian household remedy since time immemorial.

Let’s now explore the reasons as to why Turmeric or Curcumin has become a topic of extreme fascination and interest recently in the western dietary and fitness community.

What makes Curcumin “The Wonder Herb”?

As mentioned in the introduction, curcumin’s multifold, natural healing abilities are what endows it with magical powers but let’s now discuss in detail the innumerable benefits of Curcumin.

1. Curcumin’s Bioactive Properties May Prevent Cancer & Arthritis

Curcumin is the biggest bioactive compound found in turmeric, constituting a 70-75% of the total composition. Curcumin’s effects on the regulation of oxidative stress and inflammations, it’s management of metabolism, arthritis and other conditions has been researched upon and are slowly getting verified[1]. One thing to keep in mind is that the turmeric we consume in regular use has a very limited amount of curcumin and that’s why we should either use a genuine turmeric supplement or have turmeric with black pepper to assist its quicker absorption in the body.

2. Curcumin Improves and Boots Immunity

By augmenting body’s anti-oxidative powers, which is body’s ability to keep free radicals and harmful agents like germs at bay, curcumin enhances body’s Immunity significantly[2]. By disarming such toxic agents that can bring a host of conditions ranging from seasonal cold and flus to chronic health conditions, curcumin mostly prevents ourselves from getting attacked by these germs in the first place. Think of this like a solid bulwark that keeps the overflowing river water in check no matter how much the volume or how strong the gush of water.

3. Curcumin’s healing powers for the Brain

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF is a crucial molecule responsible for neuroplasticity concerning memories and learnings[3]. This capacity of BDNF is thought to be adversely affected in cases of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s. A 2019 research study showed the short term healthy benefits of curcumin in enhancing the production of BDNF in the body[4]. Thus, curcumin proves to have positive effects on the enhancement of neurons and their functions thus delaying or preventing serious brain disorders from occurring.

4. Curcumin’s Golden Benefits for the Heart

The cardiovascular healing powers of curcumin has been slowly getting established by various studies. The anti-oxidative properties of curcumin have shown to mitigate cardiotoxicity or heart’s ability to keep itself healthy which further protects it from having diabetic complexities[5]. In other studies, curcumin has been seen to enhance the function of endothelium, which is the protective lining in our blood vessels. Endothelium is crucial for heart health as it regulates blood clotting, platelets and immunity as well[6]. Curcumin therefore offers a gamut of heart health related benefits.

5. Curcumin’s Skin Enhancing & Weight Management related Benefits

Different studies done at different times have faintly linked the usage of turmeric or curcumin to be specific with enhancement of some skin disorders and even skin cancer. Curcumin is shown to safeguard the skin by obliterating damaging radicals thus lessening inflammation in the body and skin[7]. The Indian pre-wedding ritual of applying turmeric on the skin of the bride and groom are also to give the skin a fresh glow. Studies performed on a sizeable sample group has proved the beneficial weight management effects of curcumin in some obese and metabolic patients. Curcumin intake proved to reduce body mass index (BMI) and weight in many participants.

Curcumin with its skin, body, heart and mind healing properties has been used as a herbal remedy since ancient times in the Indian subcontinent. The confirmation and verification of those benefits by modern science has paved the way for curcumin’s wide use as a supplement so that everyone can utilize it for the countless magical health powers it has.

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